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             Meet Bruce Ellis aka Captain Curry

                        Event Coordinator


       The man behind "The Pirates Of The Pacific Festival"

Hello and AARRGGHH! My name is Bruce Ellis, aka Captain Curry. I am the Owner/Publisher of the Insider of Southern Oregon entertainment newspaper. The Pirates of the Pacific Festival was created a year after I started the paper and is presented yearly by the Insider of S.O. Before moving to Brookings, I spent 10 years living and working in Manassas, Virginia, 8 years of that time I spent as Director of Operations for the Virginia Renaissance Faire. During that time, I learned all the ins and outs of putting on an event held 6 weeks out of the year. In the beginning, we were at a traveling fair, setting up a village in a different town in Virginia. Each weekend we performed until we finally found a permanent home at Lake Anna Winery in Spotsylvania, Va. I was also involved in the design and construction of the village that is still in operation. Shortly after moving to Brookings, I got involved with the Muse Theatrix, a live theater group that also put on a yearly Renaissance Faire. The 2-day event was held in Azalea Park in Brookings before the creators of the event disbanded. The Pirates of the Pacific Festival was created one day shortly after the demise of the Renaissance Faire. While hanging out at the Port of Brookings Harbor with co-founder Mike Moran, aka Captain Squishee, I just started looking at the location and the ocean when it hit me! I turned to Mike and asked him what he thought of putting on a pirate festival instead of a Renaissance Faire and bringing it to the Boardwalk at the Port of Brookings Harbor by the water. He agreed, and after lots of planning and some ups and downs, we are going into our 12th year of bringing 3 days of “piratey” fun to all the locals and tourists alike. I am proud of what the Pirates of the Pacific Festival has become and look forward to bringing more to the event each year. We are blessed to be in operation!

“I’m a Pirate…He’s a Pirate…She’s a Pirate…We’re all Pirates… Wouldn’t you like to be a Pirate too?!!”

Meet Mike Moran aka Captain Squish-ee

Entertainment Coordinator

       The man behind the Entertainment

Capt. Squish~ee

(Aka)- Mike Moran was born in the cotton fields of Corcoran, California.

A misspent youth in theatre led to a lifelong aversion to work. Involved in entertainment for over 50 years in Theatre, Radio, and Television, I was destined to meet up with Capt. Curry. Having both worked Renaissance Fairs in the past, it’s no wonder we found ourselves standing in a sunny meadow dressed in tights one day in Brookings. The local Renaissance Fair was being poorly attended (it’s hard to get men in tights), and we said to ourselves, “Why should someone else have all the fun and suffer the misery, hardship, financial drain, and mental cruelty of putting on a large festival for a town when we could do that ourselves”. We think about it, and Bruce suggested A Pirate festival. I thought to myself, Beer, Boobs, Boots, Guns, Swords, Cannons, Eye patches, Rum, and no tights. I think he’s on to something. Twelve years later and we’re still here with the biggest Festival in Brookings. So get out yarr Pirate garb and plan to set sail with us for the annual “Pirates of the Pacific Festival”. Capt. Curry and meself will be welcoming all aboard. Remember, “Keep to the Code”.

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